Advice to Consider When Buying a Pre-Loved Wedding Dress

March 28, 2020


Whether it is for the planet or for your pocket, second-hand dresses and pre-loved dresses are a great option when buying your wedding dress.

Here are a few things for you consider before buying your preloved wedding dress.

Be a little bit open minded about sizing, the fit and cut of a vintage dress will differ from a more modern dress. You will also need to factor in bridal sizing. (yes, it isn’t a myth they really are cut smaller!) So be prepared to buy a size, or in some designers two sizes up, just remember no one will see the label, they will just see you looking amazing on your wedding day.

Another point to consider is that your dress will most likely have been altered to fit the original bride, so don’t forget that a preloved dress will not fit your exact measurements.

Communicate: WOW gives you the ideal platform and opportunity to message other brides privately. So now is the time to ask all those important questions. We recommend that you make a list of questions with non-negotiables in there. That way you won’t have to second guess yourself when some of the answers don’t meet your criteria.

Condition  Do remember that you are more than likely getting a bargain or at the very least a great deal so be realistic about your expectations. Don’t expect a pristine dress.  Some general wear and tear is acceptable. A few missing buttons and an occasional bit of loose thread isn’t anything to be concerned about. However, if you are looking at major tears, sweat marks etc. you may want to consider this before purchasing.

Almost everything can be fixed, but it will come at a cost, so this is where a good seamstress comes in.  It is unlikely that you will not have any alterations (just as you would if you purchased a new dress).  Quite often the most expensive alteration is the hem.  If you are lucky, you can sometimes get away with that if you check the altered hem of the dress that you are considering purchasing.  You then may be able to buy your heels accordingly.

Seamstress estimate: It is also advisable to get an idea of cost from your seamstress before you purchase your dress.  You will get a bargain, but you don’t want to rack up costs unnecessarily.  Just try to avoid major design changes.

Lastly, if its within your budget and you love it, then buy with confidence and let you and your dress WOW.


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aman Jun, 17, 2020 Very nice.
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